Mahboob Hussain

A leader par excellence with strong background in managing SDLC of scalable web-based applications, SLA-driven production support / maintenance, trouble shooting production problems and assisting sales. Knowledge and experience in a wide range of technology areas up to cloud computing and data analytics, with emphasis on interoperability and SOA. Possess an enduring passion for software development and take pleasure in rolling up the sleeves and hitting the keyboard for architecting, designing, coding, and testing enterprise class applications, with involvement in the definition and selection of architectures and frameworks, and provisioning of tools around them.

Fulfilled business needs in manufacturing, transportation, logistics and supply chain domains leading large teams developing multiple product lines and supporting implementation for customers like Panasonic, FedEx, DHL, Geodis Wilson etc.




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Index For Algorithm Performance

Asymptotic notation is used to classify and rate algorithms.

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Internet Marketing

Session at CMR Technical Campus: Computer Society of India initiative

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Post-truth politics and why the antidote isn’t simply ‘fact-checking’ and truth

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WhatsApp played a big role in the Nigerian election. 

Not all of it was bad

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Are Robots Coming for Our Jobs? 

Careful, It’s a Trick Question

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