Python – Mentorship Program from Campuspeakers

We are proud to launch Mentorship program in Data Science aiming at learning Analytics and Machine Learning. This is going to be 35 hours 1 month of extensive coaching with an option to do internship.

About the course:

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is becoming ever more popular for data science. Companies worldwide are using Python to harvest insights from their data and gain a competitive edge.

Learning Objectives:

  • A Comprehensive program for fresh graduates & professionals with limited programming experience.
  • Hands-on approach
  • 1 Main project and at least 5 projects from every topic

Skills you will learn:

Python code, class and objects concept, connecting to database, working with files


Total duration of live classes: 35 hours

Master Python Programming Syllabus

  1. Python Basics
  2. Python Variables: int, float, string, bool, complex
  3. Conditional statements
  4. Loops
  5. Python Collections: List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set, Frozenset
  6. Mini Project 3
  7. Functions and Methods
  8. Class & Objects
  9. Mini Project 4
  10. Numpy
  11. Working with CSV and Text files
  12. Working with Database
  13. Error Handling
  14. Regular Expression
  15. Project 2: Using Python concepts
  16. Django Web framework
  17. Flask Web framework
  18. tKinter UI Development

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