Thank you for your interest in joining the CAMPUSPEAKERS. We receive over 100 submissions annually from individuals wishing to work with us. Annually CAMPUSPEAKERS welcomes 8-15 new speakers. Our speakers have entertaining, engaging keynotes rooted in educational messages. Some come to us with a lot of experience, and others have no professional speaking experience. We’re looking for speakers who will get our customers excited, and they come in every shape, size, age, color, and perspective. It’s about the value of the message and your unique, authentic ability to deliver it.

You can send us your profile and and other information that will help us to shortlist you for our panel. Before you apply, please review the information below about our process as the answers to many initial questions you may have can be found below.

Due to the immense amount of work it takes our modest team to review submissions and get new speakers up and going, we encourage speakers to review the application requirements prior so that you can submit the best application to represent yourself. We are happy to answer questions anytime. Becoming a CAMPUSPEAKERS speaker is a long-term exclusive relationship, based on a relationship of mutual value.


We look for professionals who will make a strong, lasting commitment to our team, our business model, and their career as a campus speaker. We are not a speakers bureau. We do better with speakers for whom money is not the chief motivation for wanting to speak on college campuses. For our speakers, the money is great, but it’s about connecting with students, making a difference, and shaping how people think about a particular issue. Many of our offerings are absolutely free of cost to our partners.


We require that potential speakers take the time to submit a comprehensive package to us for consideration.

An online clip of no more than 15 minutes of a presentation you have done in the last two years. The clip can be on Vimeo, YouTube, or on your website, but it should not require our team to download a copy – streaming only. We will review the first link in case you send us more than one. We cannot assess an application without a working video.

A professional photo that you would use for promotional purposes. If you don’t have one, just send us a nice clear photo that reflects your personality. If selected, we can help arrange a photoshoot.

Program Titles, topics, intended audiences, and description paragraph of keynotes. Strong applications include learning outcomes for each program.


  • Your website address, if applicable so that we can dig a little further on you if needed.
  • A link to your book or articles you have written, relevant to your proposed speaking topic.
  • A list of previous colleges and/or conferences you’ve presented at if any.
  • Time to answer a few questions about yourself, why you’re uniquely qualified to speak to college students, and your speaking ambitions.
  • At least an hour to devote to completing the application.
Email your details to: and CC to